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The Meadows Music and Arts Festival. (feat. J. Cole | The 1975 | Børns | Zella Day)

Anyone who knows us personally knows that we are avid concert goers. There isn’t a week that goes by where we’re not purchasing another concert ticket or contemplating taking a trip somewhere to see a favourite band of ours. So, when one of the last festivals of the season released tickets and a lineup to our liking in our very own home city, we made sure that we’d be there. We also made sure that we didn’t have to pay for it. The thing about music festivals is that they tend to be on the expensive side, sometimes pricing up to $200 and above for the entire weekend. Adding in the costs of getting there and eating, you’ll find it very easy to spend a good $300+. Thankfully, no festivals in New York City involve camping. In order to skip out on these costs, we decided to sign up to volunteer and work before the festival, by helping to set up and decorate, so that we’d be able to attend free of charge!

If anyone wants more more information on how to go about doing this during next year’s festival season, let us know, and we’ve got you covered.

Here are some photos that I captured during that crazy, random weekend at Citi Field.

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