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The Governor’s Ball Music Festival Photo Recap | June 2017

In light of Panorama Music Festival this weekend, which neither me nor Michelle will be attending, to our sadness, we figured a small photo recap of a festival in New York that we’ve been attending for the past three years will be of aid to our FOMO. Governor’s Ball is pretty much tradition for us at this point, and standard for every New Yorker since the city doesn’t have any other proper festivals grounds, like Chicago does with Lollapalooza or Los Angeles has with Coachella, to do anything to that scale. Nevertheless, we make the best of this annual festival every June, making it an opportunity for photos and of course an experience and a half with the best of music, food, tech and art. It may be a smaller festival and unique to our city setting, but the three days always turn out to be a blast every time, even with the rain storm that seems to curse the grounds, (while turning it into a mud fest). Sadly, I’ll be in Berlin during next year’s Governor’s Ball, so this may be my last one for a while. Nevertheless, I hear the music festivals in Europe are pretty awesome, so I’ll definitely be taking advantage of that once abroad. Might have to find myself a new personal photographer, though, without Michelle around. So until then, here are some photos Michelle snapped during that weekend, with a few cameo shots by my good friend, Kedwien, who was able to sneak his camera into the festival, just as Michelle does (or tries to do) every year. 😉

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