About Us

…for if you’re feeling ‘fernweh’ like we are.

Hello and Welcome!

Native Vagabonds is a platform born out of two sisters’ love of sharing stories and ideas, of seeking adventure near and far, and their desire to share the love/hate relationship held for a native home in New York. We never fully understood how unique it was to have been born and bred in one of the world’s largest cities until we decided to showcase it to others — to those who have had the same experiences as natives of a big city and to those who have not. We created this space to document when we’ve been hit with ‘fernweh,’ but also as a means to start becoming better local travelers and better city dwellers. Too often we find ourselves bored and jaded living here. Though we try to convince ourselves that we’ve seen it all, deep down we know we still have a lot of ground to cover and a lot of love to reinvent. We hope this space can help us, and perhaps help you in some way, to do that.


Dedicated to Wela